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Brewster and Bono visit Altgeld Gardens

Welcome to the web site of the comic strip Walking Across America. The series chronicles the journey of Brewster Walker and his faithful dog Bono, named after U2's Bono, as they travel across the geographic and cultural landscape of America.

Strips are organized into collections containing four weeks of cartoons. The first few blocks display the artwork of original artist Casey Gardiner. After that, current artist Yul Tolbert is featured. Readers can follow the journey from the beginning or jump in randomly. 

We hope you enjoy Walking Across America. Currently, Brewster and Bono are stranded in Florida. But the day will come when the strip starts again and there will be hundreds and hundreds more. After all, America is a pretty big place.



If you enjoy Walking Across America, help support these aspiring cartoonists by sharing information with your friends and expanding the fan base.

Thanks for reading.


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